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Peaceful Sleep Solutions – Anne Grier, RN, BSN
Pediatric Registered Nurse | Child and Baby Sleep Consultant

Peaceful Sleep Solutions - Baby & Child Sleep Consultant Peaceful Sleep Solutions
Gentle Sleep Coach

“My children now nap consistently,
go to sleep easier, wake less often
and sleep later in the morning. Anne was so complimentary of my parenting efforts and sympathetic to my challenges, I trusted her with the well being of my family and she was able to give us the gift of sleep!"
- Erin, mother of two


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Children are not born knowing how to put themselves asleep, it is a skill that they must LEARN.

Child Sleeping

As a registered nurse and a mother of three I know how valuable sleep is! I can help you gently change your child’s sleep habits so that your whole family can get the sleep they need. No child or situation is the same so together we will customize a plan that feels comfortable to you.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

I can help you address any
of these issues and more!

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“Anne was such a huge help to our entire family as we adjusted to life with an emotional toddler and a newborn. We were worn down and needed a 'coach' to encourage us to make small changes that would make a big difference. Her suggestions were easy to incorporate and made a big impact in our daily lives.”
-Mia, mother of two