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Peaceful Sleep Solutions – Anne Grier, RN, BSN
Pediatric Registered Nurse | Child and Baby Sleep Consultant

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“Anne has been an incredible support. She has given me wonderfully helpful information on how long and at what times my baby should sleep, how to lengthen her naps, how to begin to train her to put herself to sleep, and how to transition her into her crib from her bassinet. Thanks to Anne, my daughter is well on her way to being able to put herself to sleep and we have had a relatively easy time transitioning her into her own room with very little crying involved."
- Kristen, mother of one


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Sleep Consultations

Follow up calls are to provide support throughout the sleep training process including reviewing sleep logs, trouble shooting, answering questions and making adjustments to the sleep plan if needed. This process is usually completed within 2 to 3 weeks of starting your sleep plan.


Infant Sleep Bundle

Ideal for newborns to 6 months.

This is for babies that are not ready to be formally sleep coached. This includes all babies under the age of 6 months but may also include babies that were born prematurely or have medical conditions.

The Infant Sleep Bundle includes...

  • 60 minute phone or in person consultation.
  • Strategies to gently help shape your baby’s sleep habits will be given. We will customize a plan with flexibility as your child grows and develops new milestones.
  • Email support as concerns or changes arise.

Cost for your newborn: $195

Complete Sleep Bundle

Ideal for one child ages 6 months to 6 years.

Consultations are conducted in person for the Boston area or over the phone.

The Complete Sleep Bundle includes...

  • History form analysis.
  • 60-90 minutes phone or in person consultation.
  • A customized sleep plan.
  • 6-8 follow up calls 15-20 minutes in length to provide support throughout the sleep coaching process. These calls include reviewing sleep logs, answering questions and troubleshooting. Sometimes changes to the initial sleep plan are recognized once the process has begun.
  • Email support for additional questions or concerns that arise between follow-up calls.

Cost for your first child:
$395 (telephone) / $495 (in-person consultation)

Additional child: $195

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